ECOREC successfully completed a project Estimation of System of National Accounts (SNA).

The project developed a specialized program: eSNA. The eSNA produces estimates of unrealized or unavailable national accounts data, and by this means facilitates macroeconomic scenario analysis both across countries and within-country. Through the use of the eSNA, national and supra-national bodies can conduct early-warning analysis to align their policies to achieve the policy goals set.

The United Nations (UN) has already developed a generic SNA data framework (the 1993 SNA and the updated 2008 SNA) based on well-defined procedures for the classification and compilation of all the macroeconomic data in an economy. Now, it promotes the implementation of the SNA data framework across the member countries.

This is where the eSNA has its niche.
  • Allows for the estimation of unrealized SNA data through the use of stylized facts and expert knowledge on the key macroeconomic indicators of an economy.
  • Substantially increases accuracy, efficiency and timeliness of data compilation compared to conventional compilation methods.
The eSNA will be a significant contribution to the toolbox of such national and supra-national bodies as national statistic offices, national planning offices, central banks, the UN Statistic Department, FAO, the World Bank, IMF, OECD, etc.

At present, ECOREC is actively investigating project opportunities with both national and international organizations to implement the eSNA.

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