ECOREC is an economic research and consulting firm, providing support to the formulation and impact assessment of agricultural research, technology and innovation policies, and policies aimed at food security and poverty reduction. ECOREC offers consulting services in policy advice, research capacity development, and program monitoring and evaluation, to clients in the public, private and non-profit sectors. In its undertakings, ECOREC adopts a multi-disciplinary approach and applies quantitative research methods.

To date, ECOREC has served for international organizations, donors and national governments, including the European Commission, UNDP, FAO, the World Bank, WHO, CGIAR, IFAD, IDRC, DFID, and economic, finance and agriculture ministries of the countries in Central Asia and the Caucasus, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and European Union.

Dr. Tugrul Temel, director of ECOREC, has substantial experience in applied policy research in economic development, particularly in the formulation of policies aimed at technological and institutional change, growth, poverty reduction and food security. He has carried out a large number of capacity building projects in the countries of Central and West Asia, the Caucasus, sub-Saharan Africa, and Middle East-North Africa. He has worked in academia, national and international organizations more than 20 years, widely published in journals and books, acted as editor in professional journals, and organized workshops for high-level policy makers.

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