Call for Partners

ECOREC is building a consortium to submit a project proposal for funding from EU Horizon 2020 Framework Program. In this regard, ECOREC is building a team of researchers or experts expected to contribute to the project implementation. Interested researchers and experts are expected to have Ph.D. degree in economics, agricultural development, food systems, environmental economics and at least 10 years of experience in the areas related to agricultural and food value chains, agricultural information and innovation systems, sustainable food and nutrition security, sustainable development and related areas. Those interested in this proposal should send a 2-page CV to t.temel (at) ecorec (dot) org

ECOREC is also interested in partnership in the following Horizon 2020 Calls:
  • SFS-51-2017- Support to the development and implementation of FOOD 2030 - a European research and innovation policy framework for food and nutrition security
  • SFS-49-2017- Better understanding the challenges facing agriculture and the impacts of policies - A European platform to support modeling in agriculture
  • SFS-42-2017 - Promoting food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture in Africa: the role of innovation